Since the New York State Police and Department of Transportation established a center from which to operate a high-tech system to monitor, assess and respond to roadway emergencies on some of the busiest highways in the Capital Region, traffic flow has improved for all Capital Region highway users.

Jointly operated, the Capital Region Transportation Management Center (TMC), located at State Police Headquarters in Albany, enables State Troopers, DOT HELP Trucks, and other emergency personnel to respond swiftly to crash scenes and other highway problems. When it is appropriate, DOT maintenance crews are dispatch quickly to help restore traffic flow quickly.

TMC Personnel
  • Monitor highway conditions through strategically positioned video cameras and computer-linked sensors embedded in the roadway.
  • Handle wireless 911 telephone calls for assistance from motorists.
  • Coordinate responses to emergencies and incidents.
  • Disseminate traffic condition information to other public safety agencies, traffic reporters & public transit dispatchers.

The system operators can alert motorists to highway incidents and suggest alternative routes using any or all of the over 50 Variable Message Signs (VMS) that are located along the highways and two low-power, AM Band Highway Advisory Radios (HAR):

  • AM 540 HAR: I-87 Exit 9 Interchange area
  • AM 540 HAR: I-90/I-787 Interchange area