Traffic and Highway

Traffic and Highway


One of the State Police's highest priorities is to ensure the safety of all those who use New York's roadways.
Our job is to make the state's roads safer by reducing injuries, property damage, and the loss of life caused by motor vehicle crashes.
We are committed to enforcing and educating the public on the Vehicle and Traffic Law and other regulations.


Child Safety Spotlight Keeping Children Safe on Roadways

Law Enforcement Resources

The Empire State Law Enforcement Traffic Safety (ESLETS) Conference is a two-day event that attracts police officers from around the state to share ideas aimed at improving traffic safety. The planning committee for the annual conference includes representatives from the NYS Police, the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee, NYS Sheriff's Association and NYS Association of Chiefs of Police.


Traffic and Criminal Software (TraCS) is application software that provides officers with all of the functionality needed to record and retrieve incident information wherever and whenever an incident occurs. The New York State Police has taken the lead in the TraCS program and currently, there are over 500 agencies using TraCS and transmitting data electronically. 

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