Special Victims Unit


The Special Victims Unit members provide investigative support, training, and resources to law enforcement and social service agencies toward the prevention, investigation and prosecution of crimes against children, sexual offenses, domestic violence, homicide and other violent crimes. The SVU also manages New York State’s AMBER Alert Program, activating the system in child abduction cases that meet strict activation criteria.

America's Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response
The New York State AMBER Alert Plan is a voluntary partnership between law enforcement, broadcasters and others to immediately involve the public in the search for an abducted child. The State Police Special Victims Unit is responsible for activating an AMBER Alert.

Areas of Focus

The New York State Police Special Victims Unit prevents, investigates and prosecutes crimes against children.

According to the United States Department of Justice, human trafficking is the second largest international criminal industry, second only to the drug trade. Any person, regardless of race, sexuality, gender, ethnicity, or immigration status may be a victim of this crime.

Crime Victim Resources
Find local State Police contacts for Crime Victims Specialists, Campus Sexual Assault Victims Senior Investigators, and the New York State Office of Victim Services.

Current and Open Cases

Public assistance in locating any of the individuals that the State Police categorizes as wanted, missing, homicides, or unidentified is appreciated.