May 16, 2024

Woman arrested for caging child

On February 8, 2024, the Bureau of Criminal Investigation out of SP Clarence arrested Naesha R. Lumpkin, 24 of Buffalo, NY for Child Endangerment.

On February 8, 2024, the Troopers and Bureau of Criminal Investigation out of SP Clarence executed a felony Arrest Warrant at Chadduck Ave in the city of Buffalo for a previous crime for Naesha Lumpkin. While at the residence it was determined that Lumpkin was in the residence. Investigation determined that 2-year-old boy was located in a separate bedroom. This child was inside a make shift cage, a play pen that was covered by a piece of a crib tied down on three side to the top not allowing the child to stand or exit the play pen. The cage and 2-year-old were covered in human fecal matter. There was fecal matter on the walls. The child and bedding were soaked in urine and fecal matter. Investigators on scene contacted Erie County Child Protective Services was and AMR ambulance for medical aid. The 2-year-old was transported to Oishei’s Children’s Hospital. Lumpkin was transported to SP Clarence for processing for the Arrest Warrant and a new charge of child endangerment. 

Lumpkin was issued an appearance ticket for the city of Buffalo Court on February 12, 2024.

While at Oishei’s Children’s Hospital the child went through a series of medical evaluations and was found to have bruising on his face and body. The 2-year-old was also found to have two fractured ribs in the healing stage meaning the fractures likely occurred 10 days to two weeks ago from the evaluations. When Lumpkin was interviewed regarding the injuries to the 2-year-old she stated the child fell down the stairs sometime late December 2023, early January 2024. Lumpkin went on to explain the child was crying as a result of the incident, but Naesha did not seek professional medical assistance.
In May 2024, The Bureau of Criminal Investigation were assisted by the Erie County District Attorney’s Office and no updated charges will be filed at this time.