New York State Police Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

1-800-EAP-NYSP (1-800-327-6977)



The New York State Police Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential program designed to help sworn and non-sworn members of the New York State Police and their families.

From time to time everyone experiences personal problems. Marital and relationship difficulties, stress issues, family problems, financial or legal issues, alcohol abuse, abuse of prescription drugs, gambling issues, workplace issues, anxiety, depression, grief and loss issues, critical incident stress, and other emotional problems can often seem overwhelming. The Employee Assistance Program is a confidential resource developed to help employees and their family members deal with the problems that affect their lives at work or home.

Any employee or family member, co-worker or supervisor is entitled to EAP services. If you make a referral for someone else, it is confidential. Your request for EAP intervention is not disclosed, unless you specifically request that person to be told. Any employee may refer any other employee to the EAP. Under no circumstances does an employee need to consult with, or require approval from, a supervisor to make a referral.

EAP Provides:
  • 24 Hour/7 day a week assistance
  • Full time specially trained Regional Coordinators
  • A network of peer contacts comprised of both sworn and non-sworn members

EAP is confidential. You do not have to leave your name if you do not want to. When you call EAP just tell whoever answers the phone that you wish to speak to an EAP coordinator and leave a phone number where you can be reached. You will be contacted by the EAP coordinator for your region, who will meet with you at a time and place convenient to you. To maintain confidentiality, coordinators do not schedule meetings at your workplace.


The New York State Police EAP can be reached by calling:

1-800-EAP-NYSP (1-800-327-6977)

For urgent situations, you can immediately reach an EAP Regional Coordinator by calling:


Note: State Police EAP services are provided without charge. In some cases, referrals are made to appropriate providers who have an expertise in certain areas, and most of these providers are covered by an insurance co-payment.