Mission Statement

The New York State Police works to ensure the safety of the state's roadways, prevent and investigate crime, prepare for and respond to emergencies and disasters and provide support to other law enforcement agencies.

Mission Priorities

Improve Highway Safety
  • To make our roads safe for all users
  • To reduce the deaths, injuries and property damage caused by motor vehicle accidents through vehicle and traffic enforcement and education
Provide Professional Police Services To Communities and Investigative Support To Departments Around The State
  • To prevent and detect crime and other violations of law, pursue criminal investigations and arrest criminals
  • To render assistance to victims and protect citizens and their property from harm
  • To provide the law enforcement community with the highest quality support services
Detect and Prevent Terrorism
  • To implement counter terrorism measures through intelligence sharing and collaboration
  • To thoroughly investigate Terrorism and Cyber-Terrorism activities
  • To protect and secure our Border in conjunction with our federal, state and local partner agencies
Prepare For and Respond To Emergencies and Disasters
  • Engage in emergency preparedness, planning and response activities
  • To provide security and maintain order in all types of natural and man-made emergencies
  • To assist with the rescue of citizens in danger and the recovery of victims


  • To Take Action To Ensure Safety While Performing Our Duties
    • Above all, protect life and property
    • Be cognizant of your own safety and the safety of the citizens you encounter
    • Encourage other Members to strive for safety
  • To Live and Work In Accordance With High Ethical Standards
    • Have the physical and moral courage to do what is right
    • Be honest and truthful
    • Do not tolerate unethical behavior
  • To Inspire, Influence and Support Others In Our Organization And Communities
    • Lead by example
    • Communicate openly and provide honest, constructive feedback
    • Be flexible
    • Foster teamwork
    • Be positive and enthusiastic
  • To Ensure Everyone Receives Respectful and Dedicated Service While Safeguarding Their Rights
    • Treat everyone with courtesy and professionalism
    • Take initiative and responsibility in performance of duties
    • Be considerate and involve all parties in problem solving
    • Show concern and compassion for others
Continuous Improvement and Learning
  • To Constantly Improve Ourselves and Our Organization
    • Consistently give our best effort
    • Learn from our mistakes
    • Strive for personal and professional growth

Diversity Statement

NYSP Diversity Statement:

The New York State Police has a long and proud history of serving the citizens of New York since 1917. Our vision - to serve, protect and defend the people of New York, while preserving the rights and dignity of all, has remained constant from our inception.

Diversity and inclusion throughout our workforce are paramount to the operational needs and practices of the NYSP. We embrace and honor this responsibility, and we strive to ensure that our employees treat every person with respect, dignity, and fairness, without regard to race, religion, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, or socio-economic status.

NYSP Definitions:

            Diversity refers to a group of individuals with unique characteristics whose combined contributions support the NYSP in meeting and exceeding our organizational goals.

            Inclusion is a process that cultivates an environment that values collaboration, flexibility, and equity. Inclusive behaviors leverage diversity throughout our organization to encourage all individuals to contribute to their full potential.


  • Increase the number of diverse recruit applicants by recruiting talent.
  • Increase the quality of Commissioned Officers through officer development.
  • Retain talent by ensuring equitable promotion opportunities and retention of members beyond 20 years.




A pioneer in the area of New York State law enforcement accreditation, the State Police first achieved accreditation in 1990.  Led by the NYSP Planning and Research Section, the division has continuously maintained its accreditation status.

The purpose of Accreditation is to enhance the effectiveness, efficiency and professionalism of an agency, while promoting training and public confidence in law enforcement. Accreditation demonstrates the agency performs in a consistently professional manner, that formalized policies are in place to govern its operational practices and procedures, and that all employees contribute to the agency's mission and know what is expected of them.

Achieving accreditation and reaccreditation is evidence that a law enforcement agencies policies, procedures and operations meet the standards of current policing best practices, are an indication of professionalism, and are a source of pride for all NYSP sworn members and non-sworn members.