Missing: St. Germaine, Linda Lee

NIC #M505001692

Basic Information

Race: White Sex: Female DOB: 06/10/1960 Height: 5' 1" Weight: 100 pounds Eyes: Blue Other: Birthmark running from the center of her chin down to her throat

Last Seen: 02/13/1973 Location: Schuyler Falls, New York

Linda Lee St. Germaine, age 12, was reported missing by her mother on February 13, 1973. The child lived with her mother and siblings in a motel room at the Lake Edge Motel. The motel is no longer in operation, but was located on Route 9 between South Junction Road and Snug Harbor Marina, in the town of Peru, New York. Linda was last seen outside of the motel, but failed to come in for dinner. The motel overlooked Lake Champlain, which was entirely frozen during the winter of 1973. Tracks were found on Lake Champlain, and it was presumed Linda had walked across the ice to Vermont, and fell through. A search that night and the following day did not find any disturbed ice. Her body was never found. Linda was last seen wearing a blue or green hooded parka, brown corduroy pants and brown suede boots.

If you have any information, please call:

New York State Police Troop B Bureau of Criminal Investigation Plattsburgh, New York 518-563-3761

or e-mail the information to: [email protected]