Missing: Rainwalker, Jaliek L.

Missing: Jaliek L. Rainwalker

NIC #M407011908

Basic Information

Race: Black
Sex: Male
DOB: August 2, 1995
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 105 pounds
Eyes: Green
Other: Light complexion

Last Seen: 11/01/2007
Location: Hill Street, Greenwich, New York

Jaliek Rainwalker, age 12, has been missing from his residence since November 2, 2007. Foul play is suspected. Jaliek may have been wearing black hightop sneakers, blue jeans and a bright yellow fleece pullover.

If you have any information, please call:

Greenwich Police Department
Greenwich, New York
(518) 692-9332

or e-mail the information to: [email protected]