To work cooperatively with selected institutions of higher learning throughout New York State by providing qualified college students with the opportunity to intern in a Troop or at Division Headquarters.

Facility Assignment

Undergraduates are assigned to Zone, Troop, or Division Headquarters; Masters and Doctoral candidates are assigned to Division Headquarters.

Length of Internship

Generally 120-150 hours during the Spring and Fall semesters; internships are generally not available during the Summer semester.


Graduate students from Rockefeller College may receive compensation. Undergraduate students are not compensated.


Application Process

Students interested in participating in the internship program must initiate the application process by submitting an application on-line at the New York State Internships website.

Upon completion of the on-line application, the student must follow-up with the following required documentation:

The above documentation must be submitted to:
New York State Police
Internship Coordinator
1220 Washington Avenue, Building 22
Albany, NY 12226-2252

Application Processing

Copies of the application package are sent by Division Headquarters to the Troop Commander or Section Supervisor who arranges for a candidate interview.

A background investigation is conducted on students recommended for internships. The successful applicant and State Police Supervisor will jointly develop the student's full schedule at the start of the internship.

Nature of Assignment

Undergraduates learn about the organization, staffing, mission, activities, programs and services of the Division of New York State Police. In addition, they may be given a research project that addresses an issue of concern to the host Troop, the student, or the school.

Graduate students conduct research on issues of importance to the host Section, the Division of State Police, or to the Criminal Justice System in general. A graduate internship is preceded by a 20-hour orientation to the New York State Police.