Homicide Victim: Walkowicz, Wanda Lee

Wanda Lee Walkowicz

Basic Information

Race: White
Gender: Female
DOB: August 4, 1961
Age: 11 years old
Height: 4' 7"
Weight: 77 pounds
Eyes: Blue


Last Seen: April 2, 1973
Time: about 5:15pm
Location: Rochester, NY


On April 2, 1973 at about 5:15 pm, 11-year-old Wanda Walkowicz went to the grocery store for her mother. Wanda made it to the store, purchased several items and was last seen walking home, but did not return home. On April 3, 1973, at 10:15 am, a New York State Trooper, while on patrol, located Walkowicz's body at a rest area off State Route 104 in Webster, NY.

This homicide and two other unsolved homicides were dubbed the Alphabet Murders and Double Initial Murders by the media, as all three cases occurred in the Rochester area. Carmen Colon, age 10, was found on November 16, 1971 in the Town of Riga, Monroe County, and Michele Maenza, age 11, was found on November 28, 1973, in the Town of Macedon, Wayne County. These cases have not been officially connected, however, all three cases remain open.

If you have any information, please call:

New York State Police
Troop E, Major Crimes Unit, Canadaigua, New York
(585) 398-4100

or e-mail the information to: [email protected]