Basic Information

Reported Missing: August 1996 Victim's address: 474 Rte. 28, Kingston, NY Last Seen: During early spring Location: Kingston, NY

On October 15, 1996, 51-year-old Robert Gordon was found murdered inside his residence. He was bound with tape and rope. Gordon lived alone and almost exclusively traveled on foot; he did not readily accept rides from strangers. This case is similar to the unsolved homicide involving the death of Larry J. Atkins. On August 24, 1992, 43-year-old Atkins was found murdered inside his residence, bound with tape and rope. He also lived alone and traveled exclusively on foot. Both Gordon and Atkins were reclusive, resided in dwellings described as cluttered and unkempt and were rumored to have large sums of money hidden in their homes. The victims lived within two miles of each other.

If you have any information, please call:

New York State Police Troop F, Bureau of Criminal Investigation Kingston, New York (845) 338-1702 or Fax: (845) 338-4680

or e-mail the information to: [email protected]