Homicide Victim: Fedorwich, Walter C.

Homicide Victim: Walter C. Fedorwich

Basic Information

Race: White
Gender: Male
DOB: December 7, 1908
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 167 pounds
Eyes: Brown
Other: Collar length hair

Walter Fedorwich's body was found at his residence on September 15, 1997, by a concerned neighbor. He resided alone in his residence located on ST-22, in the Town of Peru. Fedowich was often seen in the Plattsburgh area wearing his trademark cowboy hat and boots. He often used cabs or hitchhiked from his residence to local stores. He was last seen at his residence speaking with several male subjects.


If you have any information, please call:

New York State Police
Troop B, BCI VCIT, Raybrook, NY
518) 897-2000
Clinton County DA's Office
Plattsburgh, NY
(518) 565-4770

or e-mail the information to: [email protected]