Forensic Investigation Support Services


The specialized BCI Forensic Investigative Support Services, based at the Forensic Investigation center in Albany, provides the entire state law enforcement community with support in criminal evidence examination, analysis and training.

Special Victims Unit (SVU)

The Special Victims Unit (SVU) provides investigative support in a variety of ways, including assistance with forensic interviews and case consultations/reviews. The Unit maintains forensic information files on child abuse and related topics, and makes referrals to a variety of professional specialists in the fields of child abuse and sex offenses.

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New York State Violent Crime Analysis Program (NYS ViCAP)

NYS VICAP is a web-based program that operates in conjunction with the Federal Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (VICAP) administered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

NYS VICAP and VICAP have been developed as investigative aids for all law enforcement agencies. They link similar patterns of crime from among all reported cases in the government's database. This is accomplished by analyzing all relevant details of crime including: victimology, modus operandi, offender information or suspect description, physical or forensic evidence and suspect behavior exhibited before, during or after the crime.

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Violent Crime Case Review

Violent Crime Case Review provides a comprehensive review of open or closed cases. These reviews, coordinated by BCI - FISS, can conduct a round table on any violent crime, at the request of the investigating agency, which can include the Case Investigators, Forensic Scientists, Forensic Specialists, and Investigators with experience on similar cases, members of Cold Case and Medicolegal Units and any other personnel which could possibly help further the investigation, which can help the investigating officer develop leads and strategies.

Cold Case

Retired Senior Investigators and District Attorneys who bring with them over 9 decades of combined investigative experience are available to review any case that has not yet been closed successfully. Whether that case is 50 years or 50 days old, if the investigator has exhausted all leads or simply needs a fresh perspective, the Cold Case Unit is another resource that NYSP has at their fingertips. The Cold Case investigators are available for major case review, round tables, or simply to look over the case for possible lead suggestions.

Medicolegal Investigation Unit

This unit employs approximately 16 world-renowned forensic experts at the disposal of the NYSP BCI, through its consultant service.

Forensic Pathology

World-renowned forensic pathologists are available for Case Review, Round Table Review, Radiological Identification, Trauma Analysis, Pattern Injury Analysis, Review/Analysis of Defense Expert Testimony and Reports, major disaster victim identification, and assistance at autopsy upon request. We also provide expert court testimony in those cases, when necessary.

Forensic Odontology

Our New York State Police forensic dentists provide case support and review for a wide range of bite mark and bite pattern injuries, case review and reports.

Forensic Anthropology, Entomology, Psychology, Criminalistics, Gynecology

The BCI - FISS has experts available in all of these fields.

Forensic Imaging

Members of Forensic Imaging can create computer-generated likenesses from the skull with a forensic anthropology report and bring victims to life, using Skull Photo Super Imposition. Used in conjunction with a planned media event, it can help identify that victim, which in turn may identify a suspect, and ultimately solve the case.

The NYSP Colonel Henry F. Williams Homicide Seminar

The NYSP's Medicolegal Investigation Unit has an important training mission, and is prominently involved in conducting the Division's world-renowned Col. Henry F. Williams Homicide Seminar. This seminar is the premiere training event of its kind in this hemisphere, and attracts top homicide investigators from around the world. Training of the caliber featured at the Williams Homicide Seminar is rarely available to local police agencies, and the contacts and resources that participants develop will be invaluable in future investigations of violent crime.

Seminar participants hear from a diverse group of speakers who are recognized leaders in the field of criminal investigations and forensic science. More than 3,376 homicide investigators from around the world have attended the annual seminar since its inception; each is a member of the Williams Homicide Associates, a network of homicide investigators who can quickly contact each other for case assistance.


The Medicolegal Investigation Unit is also available for specialized instruction opportunities to field personnel, and offers instruction in Evidence Technician schools and specialized BCI training.


2024 Henry F. Williams Homicide Seminar

The New York State Police is proud to host the prestigious 36th Annual Colonel Henry F. Williams Homicide Seminar.

The HFW Seminar will be held from September 22-27, 2024, at the New York State Police Academy in Albany, N.Y.

The seminar is intended for detectives and investigators whose primary expertise is to investigate homicides.

The five-day seminar covers critical areas of investigation including forensic pathology, odontology, anthropology, psychology and behavior analysis, crime scene reconstruction, social media, domestic violence, and advances in forensic technology.

The core curriculum of the seminar concentrates on the application of forensic science to death investigations, with instruction provided by some of the most recognized experts in the field.

The seminar is a great opportunity to network with fellow participants and subject matter experts in this constantly evolving field.

Please register online at

Please direct questions to Investigator Sean Ryan at (518) 457-0067, or to [email protected].

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