The Forensic Identification Unit (FIU), assists State Police and other law enforcement agencies with crime scene and evidence processing, as well as friction ridge impression (fingerprint) examination.  There are nine field FIUs throughout New York State made up of members of the Bureau of Criminal Investigation. 


The FIUs typically process major case crime scenes, such as homicide and suspicious death investigations, or robberies.  At the crime scene, the primary responsibility of the FIU is evidence recognition, documentation, collection, and preservation.  Thorough crime scene and evidence processing is accomplished through the use of photographs, diagrams, the use of specialized search and processing techniques, and detailed note taking and reporting. The FIUs are also instrumental in presenting physical evidence in court proceedings

Fingerprint Analysis

FIU members are also trained as friction ridge impression examiners.  They examine developed or submitted impressions and attempt to determine if an individual can be identified or excluded as the source of a print. 

Crime Scene Technicians

In addition to working on patrol, Troopers that are specially trained as Crime Scene Technicians (CST) act as an extension of the FIU; processing scenes and evidence relating to lower level offenses and assisting full-time FIU members at major cases.