Counter Terrorism

Help Keep Our Communities Safe
Report Suspicious Activity

Concerned residents can be instrumental in the fight against terrorism. Please remain alert and report any suspicious activities.

State residents should call the toll-free statewide Terrorism Tips Hotline:

1-866-SAFENYS (1-866-723-3697)

New York City residents should call:

1-888-NYCSAFE (1-888-692-7233)


Report a Tip Online

Seem Suspicious? Report it.
How to Report a Good Tip
When describing a suspicious person, try to use as many physical and behavioral descriptors as possible. To provide the most useful information to law enforcement, record and report:

Who did you observe?
What did you see?
Where did you see it?
When did you see it?
Why is it suspicious?
New York State Police
Detect, Deter, and Prevent Future Terrorist Attacks
Counter Terrorism Unit

The mission of the New York State Police Office of Counter Terrorism is to detect, deter, and prevent future terrorist attacks by working in partnership with our citizens, the New York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services, and the law enforcement community. The Office of Counter Terrorism seeks to advance the efficient, timely and accurate exchange of information on a statewide basis.

NYS Intelligence Center (NYSIC)

The New York State Intelligence Center is a multi-agency, all-crimes fusion center, that identifies, prevents, and protects New York against emerging domestic and international terrorist and criminal threats through information collection, analysis, and dissemination of intelligence. The NYSIC provides investigative and analytic resources, subject matter expertise, and information in an effort to detect, prevent and respond to both criminal and terrorist activity. 

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Have you ever seen something suspicious, but weren’t sure how to report it? Now you can.

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Safeguard New York
Safeguard New York is an outreach initiative designed to educate individuals, community groups and other public and private sector organizations on how to recognize and report suspicious activity.