The New York State Police Crime Laboratory System provides its customers forensic analysis and related support activities in the following ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) recognized forensic disciplines:

Note: When requested by our customers, we will accept evidence for transfer to the New York State Police Computer Crimes Unit, Forensic Media Services and/or Troop Forensic Identification Units. Be advised, these units are not part of the Crime Laboratory System, and as such, do not fall within the Crime Laboratory System's ANAB Scope of Accreditation.

Submission Requirements

The New York State Police Laboratory System will not accept items for retesting which have been previously analyzed by an external agency utilizing the same technique, technology, or examination process that would be utilized by this laboratory.

The New York State Police Crime Laboratory System will only accept physical evidence when it is properly packaged, sealed (including date/initials) and accompanied by a NYSP or Laboratory submission document. Please see the Evidence Receiving Submission Requirements document for details.

The Evidence Receiving section will return all completed cases to local agencies for proper retention and final disposition.

The New York State DNA Databank provides laboratory services for processing offender submissions collected and submitted under the direction of the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS). All offender reference samples submitted to the DNA Databank must be accompanied by a submission form supplied by DCJS.

Test Method Selection

Laboratory personnel reserves the right to select the most appropriate approved test method inclusive of any deviations to meet the needs of the customer. A telephone number is provided on the Customer Information page for submitters to call should they have questions regarding available test methods or method selection.

Questions related to available test methods and method selection should be directed to the New York State Police Forensic Investigation Center in Albany, NY. Phone number (518) 457-1208.

Database Searches

If this laboratory performs a database search on a submitted sample, the extent of the search will be communicated to the submitter.​

The New York State DNA Databank performs database searches within the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) on a routine basis for eligible offender and forensic DNA profiles. The extent of the searches is defined in accordance with DNA Databank Procedures and communicated to the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services and the New York State Local CODIS laboratories.​


The Crime Laboratory System is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of all testing-related information received and/or developed during testing activities. The CLS will only release confidential information to third parties by legal requirement or prior approval of the investigating agency.

Freedom of Information Law (Foil Requests) - Article 6 of the Public Officers Law and Title 9 NYCRR Part 483 guides public access to records of the New York State Police. FOIL requests are processed by the New York State Police Central Records Bureau and not by the laboratory. 

Go to Request Records for more information.

Customer Satisfaction

In an effort to continually improve the quality of our services, the CLS actively solicits feedback from our customers. The CLS Customer Satisfaction Survey is available here or may be requested from Evidence Receiving at any of our laboratory locations. We value your opinion and welcome any comments you may have.

You can download a PDF Customer Satisfaction Survey or request from Evidence Receiving at any of our four laboratory locations. Your comments and suggestions will be used to improve our service.

Quality Assurance

The Crime Laboratory System's Quality Assurance Office monitors laboratory system policies and procedures, oversees the safety of the laboratory, works closely with external providers to maintain the Laboratory Information Management System as well as ensures compliance with NYS Commission on Forensic Science (established by Executive Law 49-B) and ANAB accreditation requirements.