New York State Police

Missing: Nicia L. Wilson NIC #M441712939
missing person Nicia Wilson
Basic Information
Race: Black
Sex: Female
DOB: August 11, 1985
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 130 pounds
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Additional Information
Last Seen: Date: 12/06/2013
Location: Albany, New York
Miscellaneous: Wilson was last seen in Columbia County, New York on December 6, 2013. She failed to arrive for court ordered visitation with father of child and has not been seen since. She is believed to be with her child, Elijah Wilson who is also the subject of a missing person report.
If you have any information about the location of the missing person and her child please contact the NYSP Livingston.
If you have any information, please call:
Agency: New York State Police
Address: Livingston, N.Y.
Phone: (518) 851-3111
or e-mail the information to:
Please include your
name, address and
telephone number.
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