New York State Police

Homicide Victim: Williams, Bessie P.
Basic Information
DOB:March 10, 1964
Age:19 yrs old
Height:5' 1"
Weight:110 pounds
Alias:Bessie Pearl Cosby
Additional Information
Last Seen:Time: 1:15 p.m.
Location: Quality Inn Lodge and Convention Center, Endwell, NY
Miscellaneous:On 11/04/83, Bessie P. Williams, aka Bessie Pearl Cosby, was reported missing to the Johnson City Police Department. Bessie was last seen at about 1:15 PM on 11/04/83, picking up her paycheck at the Quality Inn Lodge and Convention Center in Endwell, NY. On 4/11/85, Bessie Williams' skeletal remains were recovered in a remote wooded area, located off of King Street in the Town of Barker, Broome County, NY. Since the discovery of Bessie's remains, police have been attempting to identify a suspect whose vehicle was towed by citizens in the fall of 1983, from a field bordering the wooded area where Bessie Williams remains were recovered. The suspect was described in 1985 as an intoxicated white male, 25 - 30 years old, 5' 07 ? 5'10" tall, medium build with a noticeable "pot belly", wearing work boots, jeans and a blue wind breaker.
He was operating a late 1970's white hatchback, possibly a Ford, with reddish brown interior, stick shift and bearing NY registration plates.
If you have any information, please call:
Agency:New York State Police
Address:Troop C, Major Crimes Unit, Box 300, Sidney, New York
Phone:(607) 561-7400
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