New York State Police

Speed Enforcement

Speed Enforcement

Exceeding the posted limit or driving too fast for conditions is one of the most prevalent factors contributing to traffic crashes. Speed is a factor in nearly one-third of all fatal crashes. Speed related fatalities in New York State have been on the decline. Factors such as technological safety improvements to vehicles, improved road engineering, and economics have a hand in the overall trend, but enforcement and education have always been major contributors to reducing fatalities.

Enforcement Tools

Troopers use unique Stalker DSR radar units from Applied Concepts, Inc. and LTI Ultralyte LR B laser speed measurement devices from Laser Technology, Inc. The units, which use state of the art advancements in microelectronics, were purchased after extensive field testing.

Stalker DSR (Directional Sensing Radar) Radar

The Stalker DSR is police radar that features moving direction sensing technology. This breakthrough technology allows the DSR to know if targets are approaching or going away from the radar - in both stationary and moving modes.

The operator does not need to manually tell the Stalker DSR if same lane traffic is going faster or slower than the patrol vehicle. This makes same lane operation as simple and accurate as conventional moving mode operation. The Direction Sensing ability of the Stalker DSR allows the operator to select a specific direction of traffic to monitor. The DSR can measure closing targets while automatically ignoring vehicles that are going away - even if a target moving away is closer than a distant closing target. The DSR opens up whole new areas that can be worked effectively with stationary operation.

LTI Ultralyte LR B

Laser devices have pinpoint targeting, which is the most effective way to enforce speeds within multilane traffic. The laser's beam is approximately 3 feet wide when it reaches a distance of 1000 feet away. This is how it's possible for officers to visually identify a speeding vehicle, pinpoint its exact location on the roadway, and then validate its precise speed.

Due to the laser's signal being instantaneous, radar and lidar detectors are useless. Even if a lidar detector alarms the driver, it is already too late. What about laser jammers? LTI lasers will still capture a measurement and even indicate that a jammer was used.


New York State Troopers provide public information and education (PI&E) in many forms. They have public speaking roles at events such as the New York State Fair and numerous county fairs. The State Police produces numerous informational handouts that are disseminated at these events. For more information, visit SafeNY.NY.Gov