New York State Police

The Costs of Driving Drunk

So what does it cost to be arrested for drunk driving?
Note: Estimated minimums; actual costs may be higher.
Towing / Car Storage $100.00
Bail $250.00
DWI Fine $500.00
Attorney's Fees $1,500.00
Court Fees $200.00
Loss of Two Days of Work $250.00
Alcohol Evaluation $90.00
Crime Victims Fund $10.00
Victim Impact Panel $20.00
Probation Fee $30.00
Drinking Driver Program $175.00
Conditional License $75.00
License Reinstatement Fee $50.00
Increased Insurance Rates for 3 Years $5,000.00
Total $8,250.00

Drivers under the age of 21 comprise just 5% of licensed drivers in New York State, but are involved in 14% of the alcohol related crashes.

New York has instituted new laws and programs in an effort to prevent these tragedies.

If you are found in violation of driving with a prohibited BAC can be fined, required to do community service, and lose their driving priviledges for 1 year or until age 21, whichever is longer.