New York State Police


The SHARE (Statewide highway Aggressive Regional Enforcement) Program is a multi agency, multi jurisdictional strategy which unites the efforts of local, state and federal authorities to protect New York's communities from unsafe and illegal motor carrier transport.

Centered around commercial vehicle inspections provided by the New York State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit, SHARE details utilize the expertise of federal agents (Alcohol, Tabacco & Firearms (ATF), Immigration and Naturalization, Customs and the Department of Agriculture), state inspectors and law enforcement officers (Department of Transportation, Taxation and Finance, Environmental Conservation) and local police officers.

Details are conducted unannounced at major highway rest areas throughout the state and are coordinated by the New York State Police. The SHARE program has proven extremely effective, not only at protecting New York's highways from unsafe commercial vehicles, but also at protecting New York's communities from criminal activities, such as smuggling, drug trafficking, illegal immigrants, illegal weapons and destruction of natural resources.