New York State Police

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit

Commercial motor vehicles on our interstate.

In 1997, the New York State Police consolidated three existing traffic safety details - Motor Carrier Safety, HazMat, and Scales - into one unit, dedicated to removing unsafe trucks from the state's roadways: the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit.

All NYSP troopers work to ensure the safe operation of commercial vehicles on New York's roadways. Their enforcement efforts have helped make New York's commercial vehicle safety record one of the best in the nation.

Each member of the CVEU is highly trained and skilled in all of the state laws and federal regulations pertaining to commercial motor vehicles. There are currently 98 men and women certified to perform CVSA Level 1 safety inspections, as well as hazardous materials and cargo tank inspections.

Throughout the year, the Division Headquarters Traffic Services section provides each trooper assigned to the CVE Unit with updates on legal developments. Additionally, CVE Unit members participate in special training at the NYSP Academy to learn about new and changing laws, policies, criminal interdiction techniques, and motor carrier safety regulations.

The CVE Unit works closely with the Motor Vehicle and Motor Carrier inspectors of the New York State Department of Transportation,conducting safety inspections daily at road checks through the state. Unit members also cooperate with other law enforcement agencies, often assisting with enforcement, accident investigations and training involving commercial motor vehicles.