New York State Police

New York's Occupant Restraint laws require the following:

Children up to the age of 4 must be properly restrained in a federally approved child safety seat that is attached to a vehicle by a seat belt or universal child restraint anchorage (LATCH) system. Effective November 1, 2019, all backseat passengers must be rear-facing until age 2.

Children less than age 4 but weighing more than 40 pounds may be restrained in a booster seat with a lap/shoulder safety belt. However, a child safety seat that accommodates higher weights can be used.

Children ages 4, 5, 6 and 7 must be properly secured in an appropriate child restraint system, one for which the child meets the height and weight recommendations of the child restraint manufacturer.

*An appropriate child restraint system is one that meets the child's size and weight recommended by the manufacturer.

A vehicle's safety belt is NOT a child restraint system.

Children riding in booster seats must be secured with a combination lap/shoulder seat belt, NEVER secure a child in a booster seat with only a lap belt.

From the age of 8 until they reach their 16th birthday, children must be restrained in a seat belt whenever they ride in a vehicle. All Front seat passengers must be properly restrained at all times, regardless of age.

Children 12 years and younger should ride in the back seat. By simply buckling up your child in the back seat reduces his/her risk of death by 33%.

*It is recommended that booster seats be used until your child is 4 foot 9 inches tall or weighs 100 pounds.

Child Safety Seats

Child Passenger Restraints Are Not An Option,
They Are The Law!

All Children MUST be restrained in an appropriate child restraint system
while riding in a motor vehicle until
they reach their 8th birthday.

Motor vehicle injuries are a leading cause of death among children in the United States; currently 20% of all deaths.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2016, 723 children ages 12 years and younger died and more than 128,000 were injured as occupants in motor vehicle crashes.

But many of these deaths can be prevented.

In 2017, of the children who died in a crash, 49% of children ages 8-12, 36% of children ages 4-7 year, and 22% of children less than age 4 were not buckled.

During child safety seat checks conducted throughout New York State last year more than 90 percent of child restraints were being misused in some manner.

You can have your child's car seat checked for correct installation by a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician at a fitting station. To find one near you visit the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee webpage at: