New York State Police

Guidelines for safety on-line

The computer grants a kind of anonymity to those who use it. This means adults and children cannot be sure with whom they are interacting. By taking responsibility for your children's on-line computer use, you can greatly minimize any potential risks associated with being on-line.

By being involved in your children's computer exploration and applying the same parenting skills you use in the "real world" to their time on the Internet, you can help expand their horizons without them being vulnerable to predators or unwanted influences.

Protecting yourself and your children from becoming a victim of crime through the Internet requires some time-tested and practical crime prevention measures, acute awareness and appropriate caution.

Make being on-line a family activity:

Monitor the sites your children are accessing:

Be careful revealing information:

Do not believe everything you read or see on-line:


If you or your child:

immediately report it by calling the Task Force's toll-free 24-hour help line 1-877-474-KIDS (5437) or your nearest police agency and notify your on-line service.