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"If You See Something, Say Something"

As educators are well aware, tragedies related to our school-aged population occur all too frequently. Whether they arrive in the form of a violent school attack, student suicide, or tragic consequences of dangerous behavior - the lives of those impacted are altered forever. Ironically, actions and behaviors leading up to such tragic events are in most cases, known - or knowable. Logic dictates then, that such events may be preventable.

The production of these videos is based upon a belief that, through recognition, information-sharing, and collaboration - tragedy can be averted. The videos are designed to be utilized by those entrusted with the education and safety of our children to promote dialogue and initiate thought. The message delivered in these videos - is more about sharing student concerns than 'ratting-out' peers. Clearly, Students are most often the first to recognize concerning behavior in their peers. However, as countless tragedies have taught us - this concerning behavior is rarely shared with an adult.

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