New York State Police

"Gotta Go Bags"

"Gotta Go Bags" are school emergency bags that are filled with supplies that school personnel may need to have or to take with them in an emergency.

A minimum of two bags should be kept in each building, each of which should be kept in a different location in the school should one of the locations not be accessible. It is a good idea to keep a bag at an outside location, such as an evacuation site.

There are two levels of "gotta go bags:" school level and district level. Each bag should be updated periodically and any necessary changes or replacements made.

The "Gotta Go Bags" form offers a check off list of basic items schools and districts may want to include in their bags.

Note: To view and print the Gotta Go Bag form, you must have Adobe's Acrobat® which you can download, without cost, directly from Adobe by clicking on Adobe's Acrobat®. If you are unable to download a PDF document, your may request the document by contacting your area Outreach Coordinator.