New York State Police

Drug Recognition Experts Community Resource Programs

The State Police has more than 50 Drug Recognition Experts (DREs). DREs are specially trained troopers whose diagnostic skills and knowledge of drug signs and symptoms enable them to make highly accurate assessments of persons who may be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

Because drug impairment can be a factor in school crisis, DREs can, upon request, provide drug recognition awareness training as a community resource that includes information on strategies for handling potentially violent drug-impaired students and assistance in developing proactive school district policies on drug impairment.

Drug Impairment Training for Education Professionals (DITEP)

For: Teachers, school nurses, administrators and other school staff. Time: 8/16 hours

This training, which is Nationally Certified by the National Highway and Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) and the International Association of the Chiefs of Police (IACP), is divided into two eight-hour blocks of instruction. The first day covers general drug information and is ideal for all school staff. The second day of DITEP, designed for school nurses and substance abuse counselors, deals specifically with assessment skills and the evaluation process.

DRE-CR Drugs and Alcohol Myths and Fallacies

For: Students Time: 1 hour

DRE-CR Drug Awareness Training the Team Approach

For: School/Community Time: 40 hours

This training emphasizes a team approach. Each participating school district will attend with a team of personnel consisting of, but not limited to, school nurses, drug counselors, discipline deans, superintendent, and legal counsel for the district.

The first 16 hours covers the normal drug awareness curriculum; the next 8 hours deals with pharmacology and toxicology issues. The remaining 16 hours discusses how to handle drug-impaired students and the process of developing a proactive school district policy.