School and Community Outreach Unit

The School and Community Outreach Unit (SCOU) was created in July 1999 following the School incident in Columbine High School. The Unit consisted of 9 Troopers and 2 Technical Sergeants. The Trooper positions are assigned to Troop Headquarters for Troops A, B, C, D, E, F, K and G. These Troopers, also called School and Community Outreach Coordinators (SCOCs) or Coordinators do the bulk of the presentations in Troop to alleviate the need for Troopers to come off the road to perform outreach activities.

The Coordinators also attend meetings and are committee members of organizations dealing with all types of crime prevention. They have received specialized training in the area of school violence, crime prevention, conflict management, school resource officer supervision and emergency management. They are trained to assist the Troop Emergency Management Non-Commissioned Officer with the duties of their position if needed. The Technical Sergeant positions are assigned to Field Command at Division Headquarters for program oversight.

In 2000, the SCOU more than tripled in size with the addition of 37 School Resource Officers (SROs) funded through a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS). Then, in 2002 a second COPS grant was funded allowing the program to almost triple again with the total number of SROs increasing to 92.

In 2010, due to budgetary constraints, the New York State Police ended its’ School Resource Officer Program. A majority of the Troopers serving as SROs were assigned to a local station for patrol and continue to be a resource to the district they served. The School and Community Outreach Coordinators remain available for assistance to the school district and community at large.

Outreach Coordinators

Troop Outreach Coordinator Phone
If you are unsure of which Troop services your area, see Troop Information.
Headquarters Technical Sergeant Michael Keefe (518) 485-2478
Troop A Trooper John C. Campanella (585) 344-6237
Troop B Sergeant Chad Niles (518) 897-2000
Troop C Trooper Peter Grunder (607) 561-7605
Troop D Trooper Brian Derochie (315) 366-6000
Troop E Trooper Kelley J. Mietlicki (585) 398-4129
Troop F Trooper Steven Nevel (845) 344-5358
Troop G Trooper Michael Anson (518) 783-3235
Troop K Trooper Kristi Wilson (845) 677-7431