New York State Police

Tips for Requesting Records from the State Police

When submitting a records request, the following suggestions may decrease the processing time:

  1. Make sure you are asking for specific records and not abstract ideas. Describe desired record(s) in as much detail as possible so that we can attempt to identify and locate the exact record(s) responsive to your request. Identifying incidents by their locations is essential; also include complete names, dates of birth, other relevant dates, descriptions, addresses, and any other identifying data. Provide your name, address, and phone number as well.

  2. Refrain from requesting lengthy lists of records. Try to group related records and submit separate requests. We must search statewide, locate, collect, and review all physical records before fulfilling your request.

  3. Review the FOI Law exemptions described in the Public Officers Law Article 6 § 87 and § 89 for an understanding of possible redactions or denials of records.

  4. Review the fees associated with the release of records as stipulated in Public Officers Law Article 6 § 87 and § 89 and Article 4 § 66-a.

  5. The Division of State Police maintains only those records associated with State Police arrests and investigations. Records of local or county law enforcement agencies are maintained by them.

  6. The Division of State Police maintains the following records:

    • Administrative Records
    • Applicant Investigation Records
    • Communications Records
    • Criminal Information Records
    • Fiscal Management Information
    • Laboratory Records
    • Personnel Records
    • Pistol Permit Records
    • Training Records

    For descriptions of these records, go to Subject Matter List on this website.

  7. Accident investigative reports requested under FOIL may be redacted pursuant to the exemptions stipulated in the law.

    • If you are a person involved in a serious or fatal accident, you or your representative (legal or insurance) are entitled to a copy of the accident investigation report pursuant to Public Officers Law Article 4 § 66-a.

  8. Refrain from calling or writing for the status of a request. Checking on the status takes time away from processing the hundreds of requests received each month. If you do not receive a written response within five (5) business days (allow for postal transit time) please do contact us.