New York State Police

Traffic & Highway Publications

As a community service, the New York State Police will be offering helpful traffic and highway safety information that you can download and reproduce.

To view and print the information, you must have Adobe's Acrobat® which you can download, without cost, directly from Adobe by clicking on Adobe's Acrobat®.

Publication Description/Purpose pdf text
Bicycle Helmets Card This 4x8.5-inch, double-sided card lists facts and states the law related to wearing bicycle helmets. pdf icon web page icon
New York's New Child Restraint Law This 4x8x5-inch, double-sided card gives you information on the new laws regarding child safety seats that went into effect March 27, 2005. pdf icon web page icon
Child Safety Seats: Use and Misuse This pamphlet gives you information on how best to protect your children while transporting them in vehicle. pdf icon web page icon
Required Motorcycle Equipment What's legal and what's not legal for motorcycle equipment. pdf icon web page icon
What to do in the event of a collision This pamphlet is useful for recording all relevant information in the event of a motor vehicle collision. Print a copy and keep it in your vehicle. pdf icon web page icon