New York State Police

Contracts & Building Leases

The Division of State Police provides these documents to potential and existing vendors for various aspects of contract and lease procurement.

Contracts & Building Leases
Vendor Responsibility Questionnaire (AC 3290-S) Is used to determine if the vendor is "responsible" by having complied with the laws of NY State. (Required) pdf icon MS Word icon
State Finance Law § 139 j & K (Internal) To provide information from the vendor regarding any prior judgements of "non responsible" and acknowledges that the contract can be terminated if incorrect information is provided. (Required) pdf icon MS Word icon
Substitute W-9 (AC 3237-S) Verifies the legal business name. Provides DBA if applicaple and verifies Tax Identification Number. (Required) pdf icon  
Workman's Compensation/Disability Insurance Instructions (Internal) Provides the vendor with the information on what forms the State Police requires with regard to the need for WC/DB insurance. (Required) pdf icon  
Appendix (1-2014) Is attached to all NY State contracts. pdf icon  
Business Terms Proposal (Internal) Provides information to the NYSP in response to advertised "Request for Information" to lease property. pdf icon MS Word icon
Building Systems Review (Internal) Provides information to the NYSP on specific details of the facility referred to in the Business Terms Proposal. pdf icon MS Excel icon
NYSP Boiler Plate Lease (2015) (Internal) Provides information to potential vendors responding to advertised "Request for Information." pdf icon  
OGS Material Specifications for Lease Facilities Sets for minimum quality specifications for materials utilized in any work performed on behalf of the State of New York pursuant to a lease agreement. pdf icon  
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