New York State Police

Tickets: FAQs

Q:   I don't know what the fine is; how do I find out? . . . or . . . How do I answer the ticket I received?

Complete the Guilty or Not Guilty boxes on the rear or right hand side of the ticket. Mail the ticket to the court address located at the bottom. When the court receives the ticket they will notify you of the amount of your fine or the time and place of your court appearance.

Q:   I lost my copy of the ticket I was issued. How can I take care of it?

If you know the court to which court the ticket is answerable, contact that court.

If you do not know, contact the Department of Motor Vehicles Call Center . The DMV can often identify the local court or Traffic Violations Bureau in which your ticket is answerable if the ticket was not issued recently.

Q:   I can't read court the information on the bottom of the ticket. What do I do?

Determine which troop and zone you were in when you received your ticket by looking at the Troop Location Map on this site.

Then, call the Troop Headquarters for that area and ask for the Traffic Section. You must be able to accurately describe where you were when you received your ticket before NYSP personnel to determine under which court's jurisdiction you fall.

If you do not have sufficient information for NYSP personnel to assist, contact the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Q:  There is no fine listed on the ticket. How much will it cost?

The fine you pay is set by the magistrate of the court in which the ticket is answerable based on the guidelines New York's magistrates must follow. To see the ranges of fines that can be imposed, see the Vehicle and Traffic Law Penalty Structure.