New York State Police

Roadway Travel: FAQs

Q.  Can I drive my pick-up on the New York State Parkways?

Yes, if the vehicle is legally registered with passenger license plates.

The regulations allow open-bed pick-up trucks weighing 5,500 pounds or less to be legally registered and display passenger plates if the truck is free from any commercial advertisement and is not used for commercial enterprise.

Q.  Do I need brakes on my trailer?

If the trailer weighs more than 1,000 pounds unloaded and/or has a registered maximum gross weight, an actual gross weight or manufacturer's gross weight rating in excess of 3,000 pounds, it must be equipped with adequate brakes in good working order.

See Surge Brakes on Trailers operating on New York State roadways.

Q.  Can a 15 year-old driver from another state drive in New York State?

No. Drivers under 16 years of age can not drive in New York State.

Non residents, who have valid licenses issued by their home states or countries:

Q.  I heard that New York State Police can not use unmarked vehicles to stop a motorist for routine traffic enforcement. Is this true?

No, this is not true.

For several years, the State Police eliminated unmarked patrol vehicles from its fleet. However, with the growing threat of distracted driving to traffic safety, the State Police has reintroduced unmarked vehicles for traffic enforcement.