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Forensic Science: Employment FAQs

Q.   Do I have to be a law enforcement officer to work at the Forensic Science Laboratory?

No. With the exception of the Firearms Investigation and Forensic Identification sections and some administrative positions, the majority of Laboratory staff are not law enforcement officers.

Q.   Do I need a forensic science degree to work in the Forensic Science Laboratory?

No. Few employees in the Laboratory System have a degree in forensic science. Staff backgrounds are varied and range from biology and chemistry to forestry and public administration.

Q.   What requirements must I fulfill to be considered for a forensic scientist position?

Requirements vary.

Q.   What do employee background checks entail?

These checks involve an investigator:

Q.   Does the Forensic Science Laboratory have an intern program?

Yes. To learn more about the Intern Program read the information found on this Web site.