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Position Information

Application Due By: December 17, 2019
Title:Contract Management Specialist 2
Location:Division Headquarters - Finance
Albany, NY 12226
Albany County
Employment Type:Full Time
Work Days: Monday-Friday
Union Representation:PS&T
Duties & Responsibilities:Develop & assist with the development and/or negotiation of contracts, Requests for Proposals (RFPs), Invitations for Bid (IFBs), Sole/Single Source Procurements, and other financial documents.
- Review proposed contracts for fiscal and programmatic correctness, adherence to State policy, compatibility with agency programs and goals, availability of funds and appropriateness of rates.
- Conduct cost evaluations and prepare or assist with the preparation of cost evaluation reports.
- Prepare preliminary reports and recommendations to approve or reject contracts.
- Review procurement records to ensure that all applicable laws, rules and regulations are adhered to and that the proposed contracts represent the "best value" to New York State.
- Review budget modifications and contract amendments to determine the impact on the contract and to ensure continued compliance with applicable regulations.
- Resolve minor changes or additions to contracts.
- Follow up on proposed contracts throughout the approval process with internal reviewers and external approval agencies such as the Department of Law and the Office of the State Comptroller.

Provide guidance, technical assistance and training to agency staff and/or potential bidders to facilitate the contract and procurement processes, ensuring all control requirements are met.
- Provide guidance to agency staff on the evaluation and selection process for various procurement methodologies to help prevent bid protests by unsuccessful bidders.
- Develop and maintain an effective working relationship with program and administrative organizations.
- Develop model contracts to be used by the agency as a guideline for excellence in procurement methodology.

Perform on-site and central reviews of contract implementation and performance.
- Draft comprehensive program reports, components of reports, or report summaries that outline findings.
- Resolve problems identified by agency staff or vendors with the contract, RFPs, IFBs, Sole/Single Source Procurements, or other related financial documents. Document major or complex issues or problems.

Monitor voucher payment process for assigned contracts, ensuring voucher audits are conducted in a manner consistent with contractual payment provisions.

Propose changes to existing program guidelines or assist in the development of new guidelines.
- Assist in the development, implementation and maintenance of office policies and procedures to monitor and control the contract process and achieve efficiency.

Supervise Contract Management Specialist I in the planning and development of procurement methods and document methods.
- Train new subordinate staff in the procedures and techniques required for effective job performance.
- Train both new and experienced subordinate staff on new or revised auditing techniques, laws, rules, regulations, or policies.
- Supervise staff in their review and approval/disapproval of contracts.
- Coordinate and participate in the preparation of work plans identifying key deliverables, lead responsibility and critical dates.
- Supervise and participate in the preparation of qualified bidders list and in the development of external distribution lists and coordinate distribution of bid documents.
- Lead staff in preparation of materials for pre-bid conferences.
- Supervise or prepare proposed resolutions to outstanding bid issues.
- Review or prepare draft responses to questions raised by control agencies during approval process.

Independently review and approve/disapprove more complex RFPs, IFBs, Sole/Single Source Procurements, and other related financial documents.

Participate in bidder debriefing sessions.

Conduct or direct research into prevailing industry trends and prices.

Administer the agency's Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) and Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOB) programs.
- Prepare agency's annual goal plan for MWBE and SDVOB utilization.
- Prepare quarterly utilization reports for submission to Empire State Development and Division of Service-Disabled Veterans' Business Development.
- Monitor contracts with established MWBE or SDVOB goals for vendor compliance, including required reporting and documentation.
- Receive, review and submit quarterly EEO reporting received from contract vendors.
- Assist agency purchasers and contract management specialists in researching MWBE and SDVOB for procurement opportunities.
- Represent agency at MWBE and SDVOB meetings, fairs and forums to promote agency procurement opportunities and network with potential vendors.
- Review, submit, and track MWBE and SDVOB exemption requests where appropriate.
- Ensure compliance with Article 15-A of Executive Law for all agency procurements and contracts.

Minimum and/or Preferred Qualifications:A Bachelor's Degree or higher with major concentration in Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, Public Administration, Economics, Industrial Management or closely related field.


Two years of professional experience managing contracts and related budgets including one or more of the following areas: negotiation with contractors and vendors; fiscal management, including bidding, payment, analysis, and fiscal reporting; contract development, including developing requests for proposals, contract execution, including securing signatory approval from control agencies; monitoring and review of contract terms.
Additional Comments:Starting Salary: $73,284.00.

Resumes will be evaluated to determine whether candidates will proceed to the interview phase of the process.

Contact Information

Contact Name:Ms. MaryEllen Tedesco
Contact Address:New York State Police
Building 22
1220 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12226
Contact Phone:518/457-3840
Contact Fax:518/485-2293
Additional Instructions:Kindly submit via U.S. Mail or FAX a letter of intent and complete resume.

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