New York State Police

NYS VICAP Representatives

NYS VICAP, headquartered in the New York State Police Forensic Investigation Center in Albany, New York, supports all law enforcement agencies.

The program provides support services for all law enforcement agencies requesting its assistance and has a statewide network of New York State Police representatives are available to answer questions and provide information about NYS VICAP.

These representatives are State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) personnel who are familiar with the program's reporting and confidentiality issues. Many are members of the State Police's Violent Crime Investigation Teams (VCIT) which help upstate law enforcement agencies investigate serious violent crimes.

Troop/Station Name Phone
A - Batavia Sr. Inv. Richard J. Landahl (VCIT) 585-344-3501
B - Raybrook Sr. Inv. John J. Donohue (VCIT)
Inv. Raymond Planty (VCIT)
C - Sidney Sr. Inv. Leslie T. Hyman (VCIT)
Inv. Terry L. Shultz
Inv. Michael G. MacInerney
Inv. Richard C. Berry
D - Oneida Inv. John D. Fallon (VCIT) 315-366-6066
E - Canandaigua Sr. Inv. Allan M. Dombrowski (VCIT) 585-398-3200
F - Middletown Inv. Jeffrey Sicina (VCIT) 845-344-5390
G- Loudonville Inv. Gloria J. Coppola (VCIT) 518-783-3211
K - Poughkeepsie Sr. Inv. Joanne Leoni (VCIT) 845-677-7300
L - Farmingdale Inv. Thomas J. Hughes (VCIT) 631-756-3300