New York State Police

Gaming Detail


The NYSP Gaming Detail was established in 1993 with the advent of Native American Gaming in the State. Currently, there are Gaming Detail Units throughout the State at four Native American Casinos located at:

Investigator inspecting money

The Seneca Nation opened a third casino, the Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino, in the City of Buffalo, Erie County. At this time the State Police Gaming Detail is providing a presence with Members assigned to the other Seneca facilities, while negotiation between the State and Seneca Nation are on-going. It should be noted that prior to each Gaming Detail unit being established, temporary fingerprinting details were created to perform fingerprinting from several weeks to several months prior to opening of each unit.

Gaming Detail Casino Units throughout the State, are unique in their interaction outside the Division for several reasons, including but not limited to the following: each Unit maintains an on-site presence during all operating hours at the respective casinos, twenty-four hours per day, seven days a week; the assigned Investigators perform both criminal and non-criminal investigations although the majority of the case load involves background investigations required by the Nation-State Compacts for all employees and vendors conducting business at the gaming facility. These background investigations are conducted at the request of the New York State Racing and Wagering Board. The casino operator may employ no employee or manager unless the Board has previously approved the individual.

Investigators watching a gaming table on a monitor

The level of scrutiny to which employee applicants are subject depends upon the nature of their responsibilities at the casino and their degree of access and ability to influence gambling activities on the gaming floor. At a minimum, all applicants are fingerprinted and must undergo a background investigation by the New York State Police - Gaming Detail. Pursuant to each gaming compact, enterprises or individuals wishing to conduct gaming-related business with a Class III gaming facility must be temporarily approved in advance by the Board and then undergo a thorough registration and licensing process. These enterprises range from sole proprietorships to publicly traded multi-national corporations. Each business applicant and their principal officers and employees must be fingerprinted and undergo an extensive background investigation conducted by the New York State Police - Gaming Detail. At the conclusion of this background investigation, the Board reaches a decision whether the business entity is suitable to conduct business with a casino.

The Gaming Detail has established contacts throughout the country with gaming related regulatory agencies and the experience and expertise of several Members of the unit have been utilized at training programs and as consultants to other gaming jurisdictions.

For more information on regarding Indian Gaming go the New York State Racing and Wagering Board web site at: .