New York State Police

Computer Forensic Laboratory

image of an Investigator in the computer forensics lab

The Computer Forensic Laboratory (CFL), located in the Forensic Investigation Center, consists of highly trained Investigators and Civilian Forensic Analysts who are tasked with the analysis of digital evidence.

In addition, 2014 marked the first year that the Advanced Cell Phone Forensic Facility was operational within the CFL. This Cell Phone Lab includes both a JTAG and Chip-Off digital examination component, which makes it the only one of its kind in the state of New York. Federal funding was obtained to assist with the establishment of this Cell Phone Lab. CCU Investigators in the field as well as other law enforcement agencies are now able to submit cell phones that previously would not have been able to be analyzed due to having been destroyed by the perpetrator, submerged in water, or just damaged beyond any hope of retrieving significant case information. The Cell Phone Lab has seen numerous successes including high profile cases where all other investigative leads were exhausted. A total of 58 cell phones were examined with a 75 percent success rate for the YTD 2014.

Extensive training is required to examine all types of digital evidence in the CFL. Our highly experienced members and civilian staff are called upon frequently to provide testimony in criminal cases regarding the technical analysis that they perform. They also provide assistance to Field CCU members in the use of various forensic tools and techniques.