New York State Police

CCU Regional Offices

CCU Field Investigations consists of four regional CCU Offices which have specially trained Investigators assigned to assist both the state police and other law enforcement agencies with technology related investigations and the analysis of digital evidence.

Members of the BCI and Uniform Troopers have become familiar with digital evidence to include; cell phones, laptop computers, personal digital aides, digital video recorders, digital media and storage. Often the information stored in these devices can provide vital information and crucial leads for a successful investigation. CCU field Investigators conduct previews of digital evidence to assist in all types of investigations including high profile investigations such as homicides.

In 2014, CCU members conducted over 3100 previews of digital evidence. This represents a fifty percent increase over two years, which demonstrates the significance that digital evidence has, and its direct correlation to most crimes being investigated. CCU Investigators routinely assist members of the state police, federal, state, local law enforcement and prosecutors in writing and executing search warrants. Subsequent investigations and executions of these search warrants have led to over 80 arrests and the execution of over 100 search warrants in 2014.