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Crime Prevention:
Don't Invite Theft! A Guide to Business Security

If you own or manage a business, the fear of a burglary, a robbery or a major shoplifting loss is probably never far from your mind.

Most often these are crimes of opportunity. They happen because the criminal spots an easy chance and takes it. So make it tough on him or her. Here's how.


Odds are, if you are careless, the burglars will hit your business sooner or later-so practice good security.

Doors and windows

Using lights

Alarm systems

Your cash

Some additional tips


Facing an armed robber is a frightening and dangerous experience. Most robbers carry weapons and are likely to use them if provoked or frightened.

Be calm

Be observant

Be cautious


Shoplifters can be pretty sharp, and if you're not careful the quantities taken will have a critical economic impact on your business. Do not take anything for granted. Even the most innocent-looking customer could be a shoplifter. They come in all ages and from every social group.

Watch for them:

Physical arrangements

The way you arrange counters and displays can deter shoplifters:


Employee theft

Many businesses suffer substantial losses each year from employee theft. Make sure this doesn't happen to you: