New York State Police

Forensic Identification

Investigators identifying latent prints using specialized equipment

Investigators use a Reflected Ultra Violet Imaging System (RUVIS) to identify latent prints on evidence in a homicide case.

Forensic Identification 2011 Activity
258 Evidence Cases processed for development of latent fingerprints
293 Latent fingerprint lifts generated
45 Postive fingerprint identifications
342 Fingerprint cases entered into SABIS and FBI IAFIS
1,154 Latent prints searched against known print database
130 "Cold hit" fingerprint identifications

The Forensic Identification Unit's (FIU) latent print examiners:

Modern technology permits latent prints developed at crime scenes across the state to be entered into SABIS within minutes.

DCJS implemented the New York SABIS in December 2011, replacing the outdated SAFIS System. SABIS is comprised of 19 regional, one Federal, and three satellite examination sites that are located in New York State. The main sites are located in Albany at the Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) and at the NYSP Forensic Investigation Center (FIC).

SABIS improvements include increased accuracy, enhanced workflows, interoperability, and additional search capabilities which include palm prints and latent eligible civil prints.