New York State Police

Biological Sciences

The Biosciences Section maintains and operates a full spectrum of modern forensic DNA identification technologies.


Bioscientist collecting evidence from a pair of pants

Bioscientist collects evidence from a pair of pants involved in an assault case. Collection of trace evidence and marking blood stain locations are two of multiple steps taken to collect evidence.

The Casework Section:

  • Uses DNA technology to identify perpetrators in violent crimes
  • Analyzes biological material to help investigators identify perpetrators of violent crimes and exonerate and/or exclude innocent persons.
Casework 2011 Activity
57,439 Evidence Items Examined
2,937 Criminal Case Reports
2,059 DNA
878 Serology
103 Criminal Trials in which expert testimony was provided
Bioscientist screens for the presence of blood

Bioscientist screens for the presence of blood by conducting a serology examination with Leucomalachite Green.

DNA Databank

Since its inception in 1996, the NYS DNA Databank has worked with the State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) to process and analyze DNA samples from convicted offenders.

DNA Databank personnel:

  • Under the direction of the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services, analyze qualifying-convicted offender samples submitted to the laboratory, and:
  • Upload them to the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS)
  • Conduct a search against DNA profiles from forensic evidence in the local, state and national databases.
DNA Databank 2011 Activity
32,436 DNA Convicted Offender Profiles entered into CODIS
27,436 Designated
4,709 Subject
2,138 Investigative leads generated
1,502 State DNA Index System
1,359 Convicted offender
56 Subject offender
87 Offender Hits between NYS offender profiles and evidentiary profiles elsewhere in the country
CODIS Total Entries - End of 2011
386,252 Total convicted offender profiles
25,510 Total Subject Profiles
13,373 Total investigations generated

Combined DNA Index System (CODIS)

CODIS is comprised of eight local DNA databases statewide: Erie County, Monroe County, Nassau County OCME, NYCOCME, Onondaga County, Suffolk County, Westchester County and NYSP Crime labs and the State DNA Database resides at the FIC.

DNA profiles from the the local and state databases are sent to the National DNA Database in Quantico, VA, for comparison of DNA profiles throughout the country.