New York State Police

Agency Statewide Support

Submitting Agency (Customer) Information

The New York State Police Crime Laboratory System provides its customers forensic analysis and related support activities in the following ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB) recognized forensic disciplines and categories of testing, including:

Drug Chemistry:         Controlled Substances
                                     Quantitative Analysis
                                     General Chemical Testing
                                     Clandestine Laboratory Analysis

Toxicology:                 Human Performance Forensic Toxicology 

Biology:                       DNA-Nuclear
                                     Body Fluid Identification
                                     Individual Characteristic Database
                                     Hair Screening

Trace Evidence:         Paint
                                    Fire Debris
                                    General Physical and Chemical Analysis

Firearms/Toolmarks: Firearms

Latent Prints:             Latent Print Processing
                                    Latent Print Comparisons

Other:                          Footwear and Tire Impression
                                    Serial Number Restoration