New York State Police

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The New York State Police Crime Laboratory System (CLS) is committed to accurately applying scientifically accepted protocols to the best evidence in a timely manner for the Criminal Justice Community of the State of New York.​


The CLS strives to operate in a manner consistent with the best scientific principles and practices, as well as to ensure that all analyses, including laboratory work, written reports and court testimony are technically correct.

Crime Laboratory System

The NYSP Crime Laboratory System (CLS) provides statewide support to all state criminal justice agencies with analytical and investigative capabilities and expert testimony related to the investigation and resolution of criminal matters. The CLS has four laboratories located across the state:​

Map of the Forensic Investigation Center and Satellite Labs

With one call to any one of the laboratories in the system, law enforcement agencies, district attorneys and courts can access:

The CLS provides analyses and related support activities in forensic disciplines recognized by ANSI (American National Standards Institute) National Accreditation Board (ANAB).

ANAB Accredited

The CLS is externally accredited by ANAB to the International Organization of Standardization / International Electrotechnical Commission (ISO/IEC) 17025 program as mandated by New York code Article 49-B of the Executive Law. ANAB assesses crime laboratories internationally and accreditation is valid for a period of four years.

To be so awarded, laboratories must demonstrate that their management, operations, personnel, procedures, equipment, working environment and health and safety procedures are in compliance with the established standards set forth by ANAB.​

All four labs have successfully completed accreditation inspections by ANAB since 1993. In 2008, the CLS achieved its first International Accreditation and has maintained that status by undergoing annual surveillance audits.

​ANAB accreditation confirms the CLS's reputation as one of the top publicly funded laboratories in the nation.