New York State Police

SCUBA Training

State Police Divers are taught at the Academy by state-certified police instructors. The Diver Training School staff are active police divers who are experts in police underwater search and recovery.

Diver candidates undergo a highly competitive selection process, which begins with a physically demanding swimming and agility test. Those who pass go on to a five-week, 160-hour program of intensive physical and psychological stress testing and training.

State Police divers dressed in SCUBA gear standing in the water

Successful candidates earn their Certified Police Diver designation by demonstrating competence in all aspects of advanced sport diving, along with training in:


The SCUBA Dive Team's regimen of training, practical exercises and re-qualification takes place throughout the year. In addition to monthly practice sessions, all divers attend an annual weeklong, in-service dive training session at Lake George, NY. This session focuses on diver re-qualification and additional training, including: