New York State Police

Forensic Video/Multimedia Services Unit

The Division of State Police established a Video Unit in 1984 whose limited responsibilities included producing training videos and Basic School graduation productions. Over the past 32 years, the Unit has evolved dramatically into a highly technical Unit called the Forensic Video/Multimedia Services Unit (FV/MSU). Departments within the FV/MSU include the Forensic Multimedia Section, Video Production Section, Photography Section and the Audio Visual Support Section. The proliferation of video surveillance systems in our society continues to present significant investigative opportunities to law enforcement if extracted, examined and analyzed properly. In New York State, the average person is videotaped 40 to 45 times a day. This offers law enforcement an incredible amount of audio-visual evidence in almost every criminal investigation ranging from homicides to petty thefts. The mission of the Forensic Video Section is to provide expert, scientific, analog and digital multimedia evidence support to federal, state and local law enforcement agencies throughout the North East. Multimedia items include video, audio and still images in the analog and digital evidence disciplines. Specific duties in the Section include responding to major crime scenes to provide video/audio documentation, conducting field acquisitions of analog and digital multimedia pieces of evidence, conducting forensic examinations/analysis of analog and digital multimedia evidence, providing expert witness testimony in the field of analog and digital multimedia evidence and lastly, providing training, lectures and conference presentations in the area of forensic analog and digital multimedia technologies.

The Video Production Section provides high quality multimedia programming in the areas of training, documentaries, public service announcements, commercials, web based training and computer based training modules. All phases of the production process are performed within the section including concept development, script writing, videotaping, post-production editing and duplication. The section has broadcast quality high definition XDCam video cameras, professional lighting equipment, extensive audio recording equipment and computerized teleprompting systems, non-linear AVID editing systems and duplications system to perform multiple copies of any analog or digital format requested.

Photography Section provides visual support in the areas of digital photography, digital image processing, large scale printing, matting and framing. This section responds to special events across the State to provide this multimedia service.

The Audio-Visual Section provides technological support at seminars, teleconferences, distance learning events, press conferences, academic classes and ceremonial events across the state hosted by the New York State Police.

Submitting Agency (Customer) Information

Submission Requirements

All evidence submitted into the Forensic Video/Multimedia Services Unit must be accompanied by a submission document that includes:

Note: Be advised, FV/MSU is not part of the NYSP Crime Laboratory, and as such, do not fall within the Crime Laboratory's ASCLD/LAB Scope of Accreditation.

The technical staff of the Forensic Video/Multimedia Services Unit reserves the right to select the most appropriate test method, including subcontracting, for the analysis of the evidence submitted. The basis for the selection of test methods will be to provide the most meaningful and probative results to the submitting agency.

Questions related to available test methods and method selection should be directed to the New York State Police Forensic Video/Multimedia Services Unit in Albany, NY. Phone number 518 457-0068.


The Forensic Video/Multimedia Services Unit is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of all case-related information received and/or developed during casework activities. FV/MSU will not release confidential information to unauthorized third parties without the prior approval of the investigating agency, by official court order or subpoena.

The Evidence Receiving section will return all completed cases to local agencies for proper retention and final disposition.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Forensic Video/Multimedia Services Unit strives to satisfy the needs of the criminal justice community we serve, and in an effort to continually improve the level and quality of services, it actively solicits feedback from our customers.

It is important to let us know if there are areas in which we can improve our service.

You can request from a Customer Satisfaction Survey by contacting FV/MSU at 518 457-0068. Your comments and suggestions will be used in an effort to improve our service.

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