Multimedia Services Unit

The Multimedia Services Unit was created in 1984, initially to document recruit training at the SP Academy. Today, the Unit is a full service multimedia unit divided into three sections: the Forensic Video Section, Video Production Section and Audio Visual Support Section.

Forensic Video Section

The Forensic Video section provides expert multimedia support to Federal, State and Local law enforcement agencies across the state. One task performed in this section includes the videotape documentation of major crime scenes. The Unit responds to major crime scenes across the State to provide visual documentation in scenes involving homicides, robberies, rapes, hostage situations, clandestine drug laboratories, high risk raids, natural and man-made disasters and any large scale State Police operation. Another task involves the expert analysis of multimedia evidence for criminal and civil court procedures. This is accomplished using state of the art forensic imaging processing systems that clarify visual data and provide investigators with identifiable clues to aid in solving crimes. Lastly, this section provides expert witness testimony in criminal and civil cases throughout the state.

Video Production Section

The Video Production section provides high quality multimedia programming in the areas of training, documentaries, public service announcements, commercials, web based training and computer based training modules. All phases of the production process are performed within the section including concept development, script writing, videotaping, post-production editing and duplication. The section has broadcast quality digital and betacam video cameras, professional lighting equipment, extensive audio recording equipment and computerized teleprompting systems, non-linear A VID editing systems and duplications system to perform multiple copies of any tape or digital format requested.

Audio Visual Support Section

The Audio-Visual section provides technological support at seminars, teleconferences, distance learning events, press conferences, academic classes and ceremonial events across the state hosted by the New York State Police.