New York State Police

Troop Assignments and Transfers

Map of New York State Police Troops

Prior to the completion of Academy training, recruits receive their FTEP Troop and permanent troop assignments. While in the Academy, they are permitted to submit three choices, in order of preference, for the troop to which they would like to be permanently assigned. While the state police endeavors to accommodate these preferences, field assignments ultimately must be made consistent with the department's overall manpower needs and in keeping with transfer requests submitted by senior members. Accordingly, no guarantee can be made that a recruit will be assigned to his or her troop of choice.

Once probationary troopers have completed one year of service, they may submit a request for transfer to another troop. Transfers typically are made available every six months, consistent with manpower requirements and seniority. On the average, it takes newly hired troopers from two to five years to be granted a transfer to their troop of choice.