New York State Police

Academy Complex

A statue of a trooper and horse in the NYSP Academy complex The lecture hall inside the NYSP Academy complex

Since May 1970, the NYSP has maintained its own training facility. A complex of three buildings, known collectively as "the Academy," are situated on the 400-acre State Office Campus in Albany, New York. From this location, the Academy serves the entire Northeastern United States as a training and conference center for the law enforcement community.

The complex, which consists of a one-story main building with classrooms and administrative offices, and two three-story dormitories, contributes to the education and preparation of young men and women for a career in law enforcement.

The central core of the main building houses:

The building's west wing has a 10,000-square foot gymnasium, two locker rooms with showers, a weight training room and a computer training room.

The Academy's cafeteria-style dining room can accommodate more than 200 people. In addition to feeding recruits and employees, the cafeteria staff often serve seminar and training participants from other agencies.

The Video Production Unit, housed in the main building, is a state-of-the-art multimedia support unit responsible for producing training and instructional video programs, documenting major crime scenes, analyzing and examining videotape evidence and providing audio-visual assistance for classrooms, seminars and teleconferences.

In the basement of the main building is the NYSP's indoor firearms range. This 10-position firing range is equipped with an electrically-controlled target retrieval system. A rheostat permits variations in lighting to simulate any light condition a trooper might encounter, from bright sunlight to total darkness.