New York State Police

Academic Expectations

NYSP Academy recruits saluting in line

During training, recruits spend much of their time in the classroom, learning New York State laws and procedures. Recruits must achieve an overall academic average of at least 75%. This includes a number of core academic courses in which recruits must achieve a mandatory 75% average to remain at the Academy.

In addition, there are courses, such as Defensive Tactics and Firearms Training, in which recruits must demonstrate proficiency to graduate. Several examinations require daily study and a significant amount of weekend study time.

Recruit troopers who successfully complete the required training may be eligible to receive 20 college-level credits through the State University of New York.


The New York State Police is a paramilitary organization. As such, troopers are required to adhere to strict standards of discipline. Rules, regulations and values govern lifestyles and impose a code of conduct which is, in many ways, more restrictive than most other forms of employment. Troopers are held strictly accountable for their actions and conduct, both on and off duty.