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Register Your Assault Weapons
If you have any technical difficulties filling out the online registration, please call 1-855-LAWGUNS or fill in the form HERE and mail to the address listed on the form

CAC Seminar

Crimes Against Children Seminar
2015   2015 Crimes Against Children Seminar
2015 CAC Seminar
May 18th - May 22nd, 2015

Homicide Seminar

This 5-day seminar covers such critical areas of investigation as forensic pathology, odontology, anthropology, psychology and behavior analysis, crime scene reconstruction, social media, domestic violence, and advances in forensic technology.

27th Annual Colonel Henry F. Williams Homicide Seminar
October 3rd - 8th, 2015

Business Opportunity

The New York State Police is continually searching for certified Minority and Women-Owned Businesses

2015 Poster Contest

National Missing Children's Day

Open to all NY 5th graders
Contest being overseen by NYS DCJS

Contest details   Contest FAQ

New York State Police Vehicles

Next State Police Exam

The 2013 New York State Police Trooper Entrance Examination scores and rankings have been finalized for those military applicants who participated in the June 7, 2014 Supplemental Entrance Examination. Applicants desiring information regarding their score and ranking may log on and view their results. Applicants who were unsuccessful; i.e., received a score below passing (70%), will receive a zero for their score and their ranking. Thank you for your interest in the New York State Police and best of luck.

It is anticipated that the next entrance examination process will be in the year 2017; however, individuals interested should realize that the application process starts now. Individuals interested should contact their local recruiter.

Military personnel

Third and Final Supplemental Trooper Entrance Examination

The third and FINAL Supplemental Trooper Entrance Examination for MILITARY PERSONNEL who APPLIED PRIOR TO THE APPLICATION DEADLINE OF September 8, 2013 has been scheduled for Saturday, June 27, 2015 at 9:00 AM at the New York State Police Academy 1220 Washington Avenue, Bldg. 24, Albany, New York 12226.

Each applicant choosing to participate in this examination is required to log on to Candidate Information > Change of Information. LOG IN using their Date of Birth, Last Name, and Last 4 digits of their Social Security number and print their examination ADMISSION TICKET, which will be required, along with appropriate identification, for entrance into the examination session on June 27, 2015.

Thank you for your interest in the New York State Police. Thank you for your service to our country. Good luck.

If you already applied for the 2013 examination, and could not participate in the exam because of Federal Active Duty status during the month of October 2013, you may be eligible to participate in a supplemental military examination at a later date. Click here for more information.

Trooper Candidates:

All candidates remaining on the competitive hiring list from the October 2013 Entrance Examination administration, and any supplemental examinations for Military personnel, are reminded of the importance of striving to and maintaining a high fitness level. The most recent processing has reached approximately 7,100 on the hiring list. Those remaining on the list should be embracing the fact that the New York State Police could reach their name any day. The Physical Ability Test (PAT), comprised of sit-ups, push-ups, and a 1.5 mile run, is a section of the hiring process that the candidates can control the results based upon preparation. For further information concerning the PAT, visit the Physical Ability Test page on

Thanking all applicants for their interest in the New York State Police; "IT STARTS NOW!"

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